In today’s advanced technological environment, the importance of Mission Critical facilities cannot be understated, data centers, emergency back up systems, critical back up systems & entertainment head end distribution facilities all require intense levels of detail & commitment with no margin for error. CM Richey has been a leader in the field for more than a decade because we offer top end office personal from the estimate to the implementation of project design and concepts, once on site the field staff cannot be beat with the latest equipment, programs, and problem-solving capabilities that set us apart from the competition. From top to bottom CM Richey is second to none when asked to provide Mission Critical installations. 

viacom - mtv blue carpet rebuild

viacom -

mtv blue carpet rebuild

Time warner

Time warner

Time warner - hub O Service

Time warner -

hub O Service

Npd data center ii

Npd data center ii

csc -

hicksville UPS 4, 5, 6

cablevision - Hicksville

cablevision -


oracle - it lab

oracle -

it lab